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B10 – Navigation Links

Issue Definition

Links (textual or represented by Symbols) are essential in navigating an e-learning course as well as any hypertextual and/or interactive product. Attention must be paid in designing such elements since course comprehension can be greatly affected by their effectiveness.

Guideline Text

1. Links should be visible, identifiable and easily accessible:
1.a Links should be clearly distinguishable from other page components;
1.b Links should be placed in fixed positions within the pages;
1.c Links background colour, in the case of graphical links, should be in contrast to the page background colour, or Links boundaries should be emphasised.

2. Links should be readable:
2.a Textual content colour in a link should be in contrast to link background colour;
2.b The size of the link should be appropriate in order to make it visible and easily accessible, but should not exceed since this could cause visualisation problem when dealing with resizable pages (depending on course delivery device).

3. Links should be effective:
3.a The page linked should be reachable. If this is no longer the case, the link should be removed or its destination updated.

4. Links must not be confusing:
4.a the wording used in the link text should make it immediately intelligible to understand what the content of the connected page is;
4.b The link should be the most direct way to access the linked page.

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