Eye Tracking Laboratory

University of Pavia

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L1 - Page Layout

Issue Definition

Page Layout and elements position in a page have an influence on subjects’ explorative behaviour. Elements placed in the centre of the page attract subjects’ attention more than the ones placed anywhere else in the page.

Guideline Text

1. Decide what is the most relevant element in the page (the ‘eye catcher’):
1.a The ‘eye catcher’ should be the most important topic to learn.

2.The ‘eye catcher’ should be visible and easily accessible:
2.a The ‘eye catcher’ should be placed in a prominent position, which is normally the centre of the page.

3. The Page Layout should be maintained through homogeneous content pages:
3.a Homogeneous elements in different pages should be displayed in fixed places. It means that text blocks should be placed always in the same positions. The same applies for images and other elements (links…).


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