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B9 - Navigation Menu for graph-connected courses

Issue Definition

Following a networked structure and clearly understanding the current position can be a difficult task without the support of a Navigation Menu.

Guideline Text

1. The Navigation Menu should be always available.

2. The Navigation Menu should be placed in a fixed and well defined position in the page structure:
2.a In case there is not room in the page for having it always visible, it should be easily displayed anytime it is necessary;
2.b A menu bar can host the Navigation Menu;
2.c Two proper places for the Navigation Menu bar can be the top side or the bottom side of the page.

3. The Navigation Menu should be clearly visible and easy to be accessed:
3.a Font size should be taken into account in order to provide good readability. A too compressed menu does not provide the correct information if the user is not able to really read where the current page is placed in the Course Plan and what it is;
3.b A Short titles are highly advisable in order to guarantee readability. In case this is not possible a solution could be that of truncating the title after three words at most and filling out with dots.

4. Users’ current position in the course structure should be clearly visible:
4.a It is devisable to implement a fold/unfold mechanism in order to have the current position in the structure in the forefront and putting the not reachable nodes (or the farthest ones) in the background;
4.b Current position item in the menu should be made more visible than the other ones. For instance, by highlighting them or by shadowing the neighbouring ones.

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